On-demand printing, fabric posters now available at print shop

New equipment at the UNMC print shop allows you to print between one and 1,000 copies of publications such as magazines and annual reports in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

Watch a video about on-demand printing at UNMC Printing Services.
Before the new equipment arrived, it wasn't cost effective for the print shop to print small runs -- 1,000 copies or less -- of publications, said Lori Fuller, manager of printing services.

Quality and speed

"The copies are bound, stapled, trimmed and extremely high quality," Fuller said. "The new equipment allows us to do on-demand printing and it means customers no longer have to print huge runs of publications. This of course means they can save substantial amounts of money on printing."

The new service significantly speeds up the print process, too, Fuller said, noting that many orders could be completed in just minutes.

Fabric posters

Printing services also can now make fabric posters for research presentations and other uses.

"The fabric posters are more durable and much easier to travel with than the paper and poster board that is traditionally used," said Fuller, who noted the fabric posters can be stowed in bags and thus can help researchers avoid the carry-on fees they sometimes incur when they travel with poster tubes.


Call Printing Services at 402-559-4282 to inquire about rates and to get more information about these new services.


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