Introducing UNMC LiveGreen Scene

Learn what really happens to that water bottle you recycle and what the term "carbon footprint" really means at the new UNMC LiveGreen Scene learn@lunch series, which kicks off next week.

Watch a teaser for the movie, "The Story of Stuff," which will be shown at the first UNMC LiveGreen Scene event on Thursday, Jan. 26.
The three-part series will explore a range of environmental issues that confront us all at home and in the workplace. The schedule of sessions is as follows:
  • Thursday, Jan. 26 -- Attendees will watch the short movie, "The Story of Stuff," and also see a recycling expert do an audit of the contents of a typical campus trash bag to discuss what can be recycled, what can't and what happens to various items after they are thrown away or recycled. Popcorn will be provided.
  • Thursday, Feb. 16 -- The session will feature an appointment with an "energy doctor," who will tell us ways to make our homes more energy efficient, environmentally friendly and less costly.
  • Thursday, March 22 -- This session will focus on "carbon footprints" to show what the term really means to us and our world.

All sessions start at noon in the Durham Research Center Auditorium and are open to all. Employees are encouraged to bring lunch.


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Gwen Porter
January 17, 2012 at 10:58 AM

Wondering if this will be recorded or available via IP Video. Would be really interested in attending but work in Norfolk? Please consider a way that the other 4 College of Nursing campuses could attend. Thanks. Gwen Porter, Office Associate, UNMC - CON Northern Division, Norfolk, NE