LiveGreen Scene - What can be recycled?

picture disc.
Some items in this trash can can be recycled, some can't. Attend Thursday's LiveGreen scene to learn more about what items we should recycle and which ones we should throw away.
At Thursday's LiveGreen Scene, an expert from First Star Fiber -- an Omaha recycling firm -- will go through the contents of a typical campus trash bag to tell us what can be recycled, what can't and what happens to materials after they are recycled.

Also during the session, attendees will watch the 20-minute, critically acclaimed film, "The Story of Stuff," which focuses on the way things are made, distributed and then discarded.

The session starts at noon in the Durham Research Center. Bring a lunch. Popcorn will be served to enjoy during the movie.


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LiveGreen Scene stream

Thursday's LiveGreen Scene session will be streamed live online.