This is Jeopardy! -- UNMC edition

"Jeopardy" averages 9 million daily viewers, has won 29 daytime Emmy awards and is officially "America's Favorite Quiz Show."

picture disc.
Fourth-year medical student Dena Jundt and Dr. Brynn Lastovica celebrate during a recent game of UNMC-style "Jeopardy."
But the game may very well reach its apex once a month at UNMC, when first-, second- and third-year residents gather in the Medical Science Building for a round of family practice "Jeopardy."

What is a femur?

The family practice residents are tested on the kinds of things they might come into contact with on a daily basis -- but their answers must come in the form of a question.

Trevor Peterson, M.D., chief resident, family practice, serves as the event's host, its Alex Trebek. (Though, unfortunately, he goes with the modern-day sans-mustache Trebek look, rather than the mustachioed "Classic Trebek.")

First round

Dr. Peterson laid out the rules of the game as the teams tested their buzzers.

"I reserve the right to deduct points for no reason at all," Dr. Peterson said.

And with a visiting pharmaceutical rep keeping score on the whiteboard, the game was on.

I'll take "Cow Tales" for $100

Most of the topics came straight from the pages of the last few issues of AAFP, the journal of the Academy of American Family Physicians. The teams were playing for a prize of "Cow Tales."

"It's a gooey treat they sell at the C-store," Dr. Peterson said. "Apparently our department is the only one that eats it."

Your categories are

The categories for Double Jeopardy were as follows (use your best Alex Trebek voice):

  • "We got a bleeder."
  • "The aches."
  • "We got a drinker."
  • "Stroke."
  • And, "Photo quiz."

Not made for TV

"Photo quiz" would not have always been up to network broadcast standards.

"What are we looking at?" someone said. Pause. "Is that a genital?"

(Ooh. And not a healthy one. What is, "Trauma from having looked at 'Photo quiz,'" Alex?)

Hum the "Jeopardy" theme now

The game went down to Final Jeopardy, the way all good Jeopardy games do. The teams wrote their answers (in the form of a question) on napkins. Everyone went all in.

The red team won. They celebrated! They'd done it!

Cow Tales.

"They love those Cow Tales," someone said.


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Robin Taylor
February 28, 2012 at 7:13 AM

Jeopardy --- another good reason to love UNMC!