UNMC Walks to the Olympics - Random challenge No. 3, a different take

Friday night I went to a concert.

I stood in the back of the club, tapped my foot and moved a bit to the music -- nothing too drastic -- I didn't want anyone to get hurt.

picture disc.
What are some of the fun ways you get your steps?
As I went to leave the two hour concert, I checked my pedometer because nothing says "rock and roll" quite like a pedometer at a concert. Anyway, I was shocked -- I had logged about 9,000 steps at the show.

That made me wonder, what are some of the creative and fun ways you get or have gotten steps during the UNMC Walks to the Olympics challenge?

Send your answers to today@unmc.edu by 5 p.m. today and an unbiased panel of judges -- me, myself and I -- will pick "our" favorite. The person who submits the best idea gets a $10 iTunes card.

Happy stepping!


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