Recognize your 'green' colleagues

A new campus award -- the Green 'U' e-card -- has been introduced to recognize employees who are committed to environmentally sound practices at home and work.

If you know of such an employee or "catch" a co-worker engaged in environmentally-friendly activities, send them a Green 'U' e-card.

To send a Green 'U':

  • Log in to Employee Self Service;
  • Select the "Reward and Recognition" and then "Green U Rewards"; and
  • Fill out and submit the online form.

Green 'U' awards can be given in one of the following four categories:

  • Green Innovation & Implementation
  • LiveGreen volunteering
  • Green education and promotion
  • Waste reduction.
Each quarter, the employee who receives the most awards in each category will receive a UNMC LiveGreen T-shirt or another "green" gift.


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