New law to help protect health care professionals

You may have noticed new temporary signage at various locations on campus and at off-site clinics. The signage is a result of Legislative Bill 677, which recently became law.

The law took effect July 18 and makes it a felony in Nebraska to assault health care professionals engaged in their official duties.

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A new state law makes it a felony to attack health care workers while they are at work.
Signage required

Part of the statute specifically requires every hospital and clinic to display signage that read, "WARNING: ASSAULTING A HEALTH-CARE PROFESSIONAL WHO IS ENGAGED IN THE PERFORMANCE OF HIS OR HER OFFICIAL DUTIES IS A FELONY."

The intent of LB 677 is to help promote a safer environment by increasing the penalties for assault on a health care professional while he/she is engaged in their official duty.

Report incidents immediately

Clinic staff members who are physically assaulted while on duty should immediately report the incident to Campus Security at 402-559-5111. They should then follow up with their managers so accurate information can be forwarded to the appropriate authorities as warranted. Any resulting injuries also should be reported to Employee Health at 402-552-3563.

Clinic staff who have questions about the law are encouraged to contact Risk Management at 402-559-6466.

Read more about LB 677.


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lori hansen
February 06, 2014 at 2:02 PM

why is this only for licensed healthcare? what about housekeeping? dietary services? these people work with patients in close proximity as well. This law seems discriminatory to me.