UNMC LiveGreen - Unexpected surprises today

Be on the lookout today for UNMC LiveGreen representatives who are out and about to find employees engaged in energy curtailment activities.

If you're caught in the act of greenness, you will get a tasty token of thanks from UNMC LiveGreen and facilities, management and planning.

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"Our employees' commitment to energy-efficient behavior has helped greatly as we worked to keep our energy use and expenditures down during the recent run of extremely hot weather," said Ken Hansen, assistant vice chancellor for facilities, management and planning. "Today we look to thank individuals for their continued efforts."

If you don't "get caught" today, don't fret. LiveGreen personnel will patrol the campus periodically throughout the rest of the summer to find employees who:

  • Close shades, blinds and curtains whenever possible to reduce solar heat gain;
  • Lower lighting levels where possible and turn off lights in unoccupied areas; and
  • Turn off and unplug all electrical equipment not in use (computers, coffee makers, printers, chargers, etc.), especially in offices.

"While we may get some temporary relief from the heat here and there, the hot weather will persist this summer," Hansen said. "As such, we will look for ways to show our appreciation for those who continue to commit to energy-efficient behavior."


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Christin M.
July 31, 2012 at 9:55 AM

We started using lower lighting levels throughout our clinic, admin offices and Resource Center. The gals in the Resource Center even double check throughout the day if the Olson Center classroom lights are turned off. Thanks for supporting this and giving tips throughout the summer!