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Passwords are not for Sharing

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Your password is your key to all UNMC and Nebraska Medicine resources.  It is important to keep it safe.

For this reason, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine policy states that passwords should not be shared under any circumstances.  If an employee is covering for another employee while on vacation or other time off, appropriate accomodations must be made so that passwords are not shared.  The following tips can help you prepare:

Phones: Change your voice mail indicating specific instructions of who to call, or call forward all calls to a different number.  If you have departmental voice mail boxes, please be sure backup personnel have access.

Email: You can change delegation rights, set up a rule to auto forward email, or setup up 'out of office message'.

Data: Store your files on 'network' drives rather than your 'C' drive.  The 'C' drive represents both physical and security risk and a data security risk.  Human Resources can approve access to network drives if needed by calling 9-5827.

Please also remember that ITS does not give out IDs and Passwords so planning ahead is the best solution.

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