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Dentistry renovation to create state-of-art learning environment

Image with caption: The new clinical and virtual simulation laboratory will feature state-of-the-art learning opportunities.

The new clinical and virtual simulation laboratory will feature state-of-the-art learning opportunities.

The College of Dentistry is currently undergoing a renovation to create a unique, state-of-the-art learning environment where current and future students will get the educational experiences they need to become leaders in oral health care delivery.

To optimally educate and prepare students to transition to providing patient care in clinics, the college is developing a state-of-the-art clinical and virtual simulation laboratory and a digital design studio that will be equipped with the most innovative simulation technology, hardware, software and IT infrastructure available today. By integrating technology and a learner-centered environment that aligns with the UNMC iEXCEL initiative, the College of Dentistry will be at the forefront of dental education.

"We are thrilled to be embarking on this exciting adventure, which will have an immediate impact on our students and how they learn," said College of Dentistry Dean Janet Guthmiller, D.D.S., Ph.D. "The combination of the equipment and the technology will provide a truly unique educational experience. Our patients will ultimately benefit as our students will have important educational experiences before they transition into our patient care clinics."

In the 5,500-square-foot, 64-station clinical and virtual simulation laboratory, students will learn the latest clinical techniques and skills through clinical simulations and virtual dental trainers which use simulation technology to achieve a high level of realism. Cutting-edge 3D and virtual reality technology also will be incorporated, allowing students to navigate and manipulate virtual clinical environments. The college also will employ digital learning platforms to align with the simulation technology that will be offered through the UNMC iEXCEL initiative.

In the 700-square-foot, 15-station digital design studio, students will have access to the latest CAD/CAM technology for designing dentures and restorations, and an equipment studio with milling machines, 3D printers and other technology.

"These important advancements will allow the College of Dentistry to continue our tradition of educational excellence, as well as provide outstanding continuing education for dental professionals," said Associate Dean for Education Yun Saksena, D.M.D.

Additionally, four classrooms, including the college's anatomy lab, are being upgraded with new furniture, digital display monitors and other technology. To help create a more student-focused environment, a new micro mart with healthy food options and a new outdoor seating area are being added. The renovation is expected to be completed by early October 2019.

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Lotte Sjulin

"I am ecstatic about the new renovation. I know that the cutting-edge technology is the best in the nation and will provide our students with the ability to reach new levels in their professional careers. Being able to simulate with virtual reality is invaluable for our learning process before getting into the clinical setting. It is truly an incredible opportunity that UNMC is providing to not only current students, but future students as well."

-Lotte Sjulin, rising second-year dental student and class president

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