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Changes coming to MyRecord login procedure

On Monday, changes to the MyRecords login page will be introduced, making it easier for UNMC students, faculty and staff to use UNMC campus credentials (UNMC NetID) or TrueYou credentials (NUID) to access the student information system.

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One benefit of using campus credentials to access MyRecords is a single sign-on for several key campus systems such as Canvas, email, CARE, etc. First-time users, who would like to use their NUIDs to log into the MyRecords, must first claim their NUIDs here, then click "Claim Your ID" and follow instructions. For existing users who previously have claimed their NUID and changed password, use these credentials to login into MyRecords. If for some reason, a user is unable to log into MyRecords with their NUID, they can change their password at the TrueYou link provided above, clear the history and then try to log back into MyRecords.

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For MyRecords\PeopleSoft access questions or issues contact Paulo Shila, PeopleSoft Specialist at 402-599-7266 or email.

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