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UNO announces scholarship for UNMC, Nebraska Medicine

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The University of Nebraska at Omaha wants to say thank you to UNMC/Nebraska Medicine for its work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The work that UNMC and Nebraska Medicine does in keeping our community healthy and safe is nothing short of heroic," said UNO Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, M.D., also chancellor of UNMC. "Now it's our turn to serve you and your loved ones who have sacrificed so much in the fight against COVID-19."

To that end, UNO has created the new "UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Healthcare Heroes Package," exclusive to UNMC and Nebraska Medicine employees and/or their dependents for the fall 2020 semester.

Through UNO's new UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Healthcare Heroes package, UNMC and Nebraska Medicine employees and/or their dependents are eligible for a new one-time tuition scholarship and a housing discount (if staying in on-campus residence). The tuition scholarship is only applicable in instances where tuition is not already covered with programs/scholarships like Nebraska Promise, Regents, Goodrich and others.

The package offers a scholarship of up to $750 and a $250 discount on housing.

If you or one of your dependents is attending UNO in the fall of 2020, please send the following information by July 1 to the UNO admissions office with the following information:

Email subject line: Healthcare Heroes

Student Name

Student NU ID (if applicable)

Employee Name

Employee Email Address

Is the student planning to stay in UNO residence halls? (Yes/No)

Once the information is sent to the UNO admissions office, UNO will process the scholarship to be reflected in the financial aid package.

Questions? Please contact the UNO Undergraduate Admission Office at (402) 554-2393.

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