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Interprofessional Academy of Educators inducts 39

Image with caption: The Sept. 17 induction ceremony was virtual.

The Sept. 17 induction ceremony was virtual.

Twenty-seven faculty and staff were inducted into UNMC's Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE) in the fifth annual ceremony held on Sept. 17. In addition, seven students were inducted as associate members, four University of Nebraska Omaha faculty were inducted as affiliate members, and one retired faculty was inducted as an emeritus member.

"Unlike previous years where the entire academy would gather in person to recognize new members, we had to reimagine the 2020 induction ceremony because of COVID-19 concerns," said Brian Boerner, MD, director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators. "Though this year's event was virtual, it provided us the ability to hear from each new inductee as they were welcomed into the academy community. I want to commend the IAE team for holding an engaging event that connected members in a very personable way."

Several deans attended the IAE induction ceremony as their faculty were honored.

"We are excited to see the continued engagement by UNMC College of Dentistry faculty in the IAE," said Janet Guthmiller, DDS, PhD, dean of the college. "This amazing program provides important pathways for the faculty at UNMC to work and learn together, ultimately unifying our efforts in preparing our learners to be leaders of health care teams."

"True to their excellence as innovators, the academy held an inclusive and exciting virtual induction ceremony. New inductees were recognized individually and spoke about their interests and goals for membership," said Juliann Sebastian, PhD, dean of the UNMC College of Nursing. "UNMC is enriched by having these amazing opportunities for faculty to work together as they celebrate the joy of teaching, advance the science of teaching and learning, and promote faculty development in health professions education."

Kyle Meyer, PhD, dean of UNMC College of Allied Health Professions, commended the academy for its role in advancing UNMC's mission.

"I am impressed with the ongoing development and dynamic nature of the IAE. Its membership continues to grow and expand, as does its activities and influence," he said. "By helping faculty develop competencies, leadership and scholarship to advance UNMC's education mission and the careers of educators, the IAE contributes significantly to achieving the University of Nebraska's goal to be the best place in the country to be a student."

New inductee Amrita Vuppala, MD, assistant professor in the UNMC College of Medicine, said she was excited to join the academy and be "part of a community of like-minded people who are eager to learn and teach in different settings."

"There is a huge role for interprofessional learning, both in the clinical and classroom settings, so I am looking forward to working with other people in the academy to continue making education at UNMC more exciting and innovative," Dr. Vuppala said.

New associate member Jessica Semin, graduate assistant and DNP candidate in the UNMC College of Nursing, also was recognized at the event.

"I am honored to become a member of such an esteemed group of educators who have been well-known on campus for innovative teaching, meaningful research and breaking down the silos between colleges," she said. "It truly excites me to be part of this group, and I look forward to learning from academy members to gain new teaching strategies and build collaborations across campus."

For more information on the Interprofessional Academy of Educators, visit the academy website.

New inductees

Academy members (faculty/staff)

  • Kelly Betts, EdD, College of Nursing-Scottsbluff
  • Jenni Bouckhuyt, iEXCEL
  • Teresa Cochran, DPT, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Emily Coffey, College of Nursing-Omaha
  • AnneMarie DeVoll-Zabrocki, DNP, College of Nursing-Omaha
  • Elizabeth Harlow, MD, College of Medicine
  • Victoria Kennel, PhD, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Jessica Koran-Scholl, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Nancy Krusen, PhD, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Bethany Lowndes, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Julie Marshall, DDS, College of Dentistry
  • Tess McKinney, College of Nursing-Lincoln
  • Asit Misra, MD, College of Medicine & iEXCEL
  • Ryan Mullane, DO, College of Medicine
  • Ali Nawshad, PhD, College of Dentistry
  • Joseph Norman, PhD, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Peter Oldenburg, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Priscila Rodrigues Armijo, MD, College of Medicine
  • Samantha Rogers, iEXCEL
  • Cory Rohlfsen, MD, College of Medicine
  • Sue Schuelke, PhD, College of Nursing-Lincoln
  • Jaimee Shropshire, College of Dentistry
  • Whitney Strong-Bak, PhD, Munroe-Meyer Institute
  • Dawn Tassemeyer, College of Nursing-Lincoln
  • Melissa Teply, MD, College of Medicine
  • Amrita Vuppala, MD, College of Medicine
  • Holly Zimmerman, College of Allied Health Professions

Emeritus member (retired UNMC faculty/staff)

  • Cheryl Thompson, PhD, College of Nursing-Omaha

Associate members (student and resident learners)

  • Jennifer Grigsby, College of Medicine
  • Lorna Hummel, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Kathryn Jespersen, Graduate Studies
  • Sheridan Jost, MD, College of Medicine
  • Alex Maben, College of Medicine
  • Stephanie Radil, College of Medicine
  • Jessica Semin, College of Nursing

Affiliate members (external faculty/staff)

  • Kevin Clouther, UNO
  • Jeremy Johnson, PhD, UNO
  • Nancy Kelley, PhD, UNO
  • Joseph McCaffrey, PhD, UNO

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