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Interprofessional Academy of Educators inducts 38

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Twenty-four faculty and staff were inducted into UNMC's Interprofessional Academy of Educators (IAE) in the sixth annual ceremony, held on Sept. 30. In addition, eight learners were inducted as associate members, five University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) faculty were inducted as affiliate members, and one retired faculty was inducted as an emeritus member.

"Induction is an opportunity to welcome new members into the IAE community and help them form connections with colleagues. Though this year's event was virtual, it provided us the ability to hear from each new inductee," said Brian Boerner, MD, director of the Interprofessional Academy of Educators. "We now have more than 200 members across Nebraska, and this year’s induction was a way for all of us to get together in one space. I want to commend the IAE team for holding an engaging virtual event that connected members in a very personable way."

"It was important to join IAE because I share their values for teaching, research and service," said Ethan Snow, PhD, assistant professor of genetics, cell biology and anatomy in the UNMC College of Medicine. "As someone who teaches and mentors medical, allied health, graduate studies and High School Alliance students, I especially hope to collaborate with IAE members to learn and continue serving our students and community in the best ways possible."

New inductee Wendy Wells, instructor in the UNMC College of Nursing West Nebraska Division, praised the academy for their ability to connect faculty across Nebraska.

"The Interprofessional Academy of Educators is a wonderful opportunity for educators across disciplines to collaborate and share innovative teaching and learning techniques," she said. "Being able to participate from Scottsbluff is especially beneficial as we don't have the opportunity for many impromptu conversations in the hall amongst colleagues due to the distance between campuses."

The academy’s associate member category is specifically designed to connect learners with members of the IAE community to help them grow and hone their skills.

"As I enter the job market in the next year or so, with the goal of teaching undergraduate anatomical sciences, I wanted to join the IAE as an associate member to build my skills in areas like assessment design and evaluation, educational technologies and promoting student wellness," said Sydney Greer, a UNMC Graduate Studies doctoral candidate in the anatomy teaching track. "Across UNMC's colleges and campuses, there are impactful educators that I hope to connect with and learn how they continue to develop innovative pedagogy and foster critical thinking with their students."

For more information on the Interprofessional Academy of Educators, visit the academy website.

New inductees

Academy Members (faculty/staff)

  • Chad Abresch, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Joyce M. Black, PhD, College of Nursing - Omaha
  • Elizabeth Bockoven, College of Nursing - Omaha
  • Megan Brown, College of Medicine
  • Kelly Buchanan, College of Nursing - Omaha
  • Jennifer Cera, DNP, College of Nursing - Omaha
  • Laura Chytka, Information Technology Services
  • Suzanne Haney, MD, College of Medicine
  • Trey Jantzen, MD, College of Medicine
  • Jana Koth, College of Allied Health Professions
  • Sarah Kriss, Academic Affairs
  • Lea Lambing, College of Allied Health Professions — Kearney
  • Stephanie Langel, Academic Affairs
  • Shannon Lynch, MD, College of Medicine
  • Jami Monico, College of Medicine
  • Justin Mott, MD, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Amy Pick, PharmD, College of Pharmacy
  • Jeffrey A. Robinson, MD, College of Medicine
  • Ethan Snow, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Matthew Vilburn, DC, College of Medicine
  • Jana Wardian, PhD, College of Medicine
  • Melissa Wehrmann, MD, College of Medicine
  • Wendy Wells, College of Nursing - West Nebraska Division
  • Alisha Wright, College of Allied Health Professions - Kearney

Emeritus Member (retired faculty/staff)

  • Rowen K. Zetterman, MD, College of Medicine & Academic Affairs

Associate Members (learners)

  • Nadia Abraham, MD, College of Medicine
  • Alyssa Freeman, College of Medicine
  • Sydney Greer, Graduate Studies
  • Kim Nguyen, College of Medicine
  • Avi Prajapati, College of Medicine
  • Alex Tu, College of Medicine
  • Jayme Weber, College of Nursing - Kearney
  • Karli Wittorf, Graduate Studies

Affiliate Members (external faculty)

  • Melissa Berke, PhD, UNO
  • Matthew Brooks, DMA, UNO
  • Michele Marie Desmarais, PhD, UNO
  • Daniel Hawkins, PhD, UNO
  • Roma Subramanian, PhD, UNO

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