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Novotny is October's Gold U receipient

Image with caption: From left, UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, and Marlene Novotny at the October Board of Regents meeting.

From left, UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, and Marlene Novotny at the October Board of Regents meeting.

Marlene Novotny, executive assistant to UNMC Chancellor Jeffrey P. Gold, MD, is the October Gold U recipient.

Novotny joined UNMC in 2009.

"I had been working at home as a medical transcriptionist, and that wasn’t the right fit for me," she said. "I needed more contact with people."

She laughed. "I have plenty of contact with people now."

When she was looking for a position, she explored organizations that would provide opportunities for growth, as well as organizations with a mission that inspired her. UNMC was a perfect fit, she said.

"I am proud of UNMC’s mission and glad to be part of making the state of Nebraska and entire surrounding community a better place to live because of UNMC’s research, medical care and ability to deal with situations like COVID-19," she said. "Our work to improve the life of Nebraskans and everyone else around the world - I am fortunate to be in an organization that has such a wonderful impact."

"I am pleased to congratulate Marlene on this honor and thank her for all that she does for our campus and for the University of Nebraska," Dr. Gold said. "It is very (VERY) well deserved!"

As the chancellor’s executive assistant, Novotny works daily with Dr. Gold to handle his challenging schedule, and she works with the entire UNMC community to ensure that the chancellor is aware of and responds to campus needs.

"I try to accommodate people," she said. "I don’t want anyone having to go to the chancellor and say, ‘I needed you and she shut me down.’ "

Novotny said she takes pride in helping Dr. Gold stay on schedule, but she credited her colleagues in the chancellor’s office with providing support for her and Dr. Gold.

And they credited her right back.

"Marlene is able to see the big picture, which is helpful in her ability to prioritize work in the chancellor's office," a nominator said. "Her operational style allows her to do the right thing to ensure things get done."

"She works tirelessly to ensure Dr. Gold and his support team operate with a high degree of precision to meet the daily demands of the office and medical center," another colleague said.

In addition, colleagues see Marlene as a problem solver who is unfazed by the many demands of her job. "She is positive, respectful, helpful, practical, trustworthy, reasonable, reliable, dedicated to her responsibilities and down to earth … It is a pleasure to work with Marlene."

About the Gold U Award

The Gold U Award is given six times per year to employees who consistently deliver outstanding performance and service to UNMC. Recipients of the Chancellor's Commendation - Gold U are honored at a breakfast with the UNMC chancellor and receive an art glass paperweight, a pin and frame, a certificate and a cash award. In addition, Gold U recipients are recognized at a Board of Regents meeting, where they receive a commemorative plaque for outstanding service to the university. 

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