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Full-scale exercise today at Nebraska Medical Center

UNMC faculty, staff and students are being made aware that a full-scale community/coalition exercise is planned today (May 18) at Nebraska Medical Center from noon to 5 p.m.  

The Joint Commission requires Nebraska Medicine to participate in at least one full-scale community-coalition exercise that activates its Health System Incident Command System annually with an influx of patients.   

As a result, Nebraska Medicine employees may be asked to participate in receiving phone calls or taking "exercise" patients as they transfer from department to department for the exercise. The exercise will involve some volunteer victims, but also some "paper patients" in order for Nebraska Medicine to achieve its medical-surgical goals for the hospital preparedness program, which is a 20% surge expectation of staffed beds. 

If during the drill any of the volunteer victims say "real world" that means you should stop the exercise and help them with whatever they need.   

Questions? Reach out to Shelly Schwedhelm at sschwedh@nebraskamed.com or Joel Haman at jhaman@nebraskamed.com.

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