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Echo360 now integrated with Zoom

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Zoom recording to the cloud recently was enabled for the UNMC/Nebraska Medicine Zoom account.

The primary driver for Zoom’s cloud recording service was the ability to enable live captioning and transcriptions for all classes, meetings and webinars.

Another highly requested feature from instructors and other educational users is the ability to integrate the Zoom feature into Echo360 for Canvas courses. This was not possible until Zoom’s cloud recording feature was enabled on the med center's Zoom account.

Now, Echo360 and Zoom have been integrated. The Zoom integration with Echo360 allows Zoom recordings from the cloud to be added automatically into an instructor’s Echo360 media library. Educators no longer have to manually upload their Zoom recordings to their Echo360 account for use with their Canvas courses.

For more detailed information, view this video

Recordings are saved on Zoom’s cloud for a period of 60 days. After 60 days, the Zoom recordings are deleted.

The Echo360 recordings are not deleted unless a request is made to an Echo360 administrator. Recordings containing confidential information, including information covered by HIPAA, cannot be stored on Echo360.

For more information on Zoom cloud recording and associated features, visit Zoom support.

For more information on using Echo360’s Zoom integration as an instructor, see these guides online the integration and mapping recordings to Echo360.

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