24th Annual Omaha Women's Health & Wellness Conference

Course ID: 21OL059

October 8, 2021 (all times are CDT)

7:45-8:00 am Zoom Welcome
8:00-9:45 am Making Peace with Your Enemies: Understand Your Anxiety to Conquer your Fears!
Lauren Edwards, MD
Emaan Lehardy, PhD
  • Describe a model of normal anxiety and its neuroscience and physiology
  • Identify pathological anxiety and how it can develop
  • Discuss evidence-based coping techniques and treatments for problematic anxiety
10:00-10:50 am Food & Feelings: Maintaining Health Eating Patterns During COVID
Kimberly Vacek, PhD
  • Discuss common eating patterns experienced by women during the pandemic including, statistical trends surrounding eating disorders
  • Articulate tips for managing stress and emotional eating during COVID and how to develop or maintain a healthy relationship with food despite the related challenges of facing a global pandemic
  • Describe the importance of expanding outside the use of traditional coping skills (especially during isolation periods) and practicing self-compassion with health behaviors
11:00-11:50am Living in a Women's World: Understanding the Priority of Your Health
Emily Hill, APRN-NP
Nicole Goliber, PA-C
  • Articulate best practice guidelines for disease prevention and health promotion across the lifespan for women
  • Identify screening guidelines for cervical, breast, colon, and skin cancers based on age
  • Discuss adult immunizations
  • Review diet and exercise guidelines for cardiovascular health
1:00-1:50pm Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) in Women: Today's Approach
Kathryn Hutchins, MD
  • Define IBS including its subtypes
  • Describe the current diagnostic approach and criteria for IBS
  • Discuss common management approaches to IBS
  • Discuss updated colorectal cancer screening guidelines
2:00-2:50pm Modern Menopause: Optimizing Mental and Physical Wellness
Jennifer Griffin, MD, MPH
  • Discuss perimenopause and menopause, and the common physical and mental changes women experience during these periods
  • Examine current data regarding mental health during the menopause transition
  • Identify strategies to promote mental and physical wellness during this time of life
3:00-3:50pm The Evolution of COVID-19 and Associated Racial Disparities: A National Emergency
Jasmine Riviere Marcelin, MD
  • Describe the evolving state of COVID-19
  • Describe racial/ethnic disparities emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic and including the historic/current situation leading to these disparities
  • Identify actions needed to end the pandemic and address these disparities
4:00-4:30 pm Closing Keynote
Havalynn Russell
Within Hindsight There is the Deep Wisdom of Insight
  • Identify ways to incorporate how to translate wellness and inspiration into those experiencing mental health challenges as derived from a case perspective

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