Request to Purchase SAS License For Personal Use

SAS version 9.3 for the PC is available for students for $25.00 for the Academic Year (August 2012 to August 2013). This is a one year license and must be renewed annually in August.
This fee applies to the license ONLY, not the media. When you purchase the license you will receive instructions by e-mail on how to check-out the media and install the SAS product. Since there are a limited number of disk sets available, please be considerate of your fellow students and return them to ITS promptly.

After completing this form, you will receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • Take the confirmation e-mail to the ITS reception desk in the 4230 building
  • Bring a 32 Gig flash drive or external hard drive
  • The installation files will be copied to the provided media
  • This can take up to 2 or 3 hours
  • You will be notified when your media is ready to be picked up


Before ordering please make sure your PC meets the following minimum requirements:
Intel or Intel compatible Pentium 4 class processor
DVD Drive

Operating System - Windows ONLY:
Windows XP Professional, SP2 or above or
Windows 7 Home Premium or above (Note: Windows Home Basic and Starter and native Mac operating systems are NOT supported)

1 GByte of memory (more will increase performance)
1 GByte of swapfile space
14 GBytes of free disk space.

Note that his is a very large system and may take from 1 to 4 hours to install.

Date: 05/23/2017

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