Eligibility criteria for the Nominee:
  • Any full or part-time faculty member currently affiliated with the University of Nebraska Medical Center is eligible for nomination for the UNMC Student Senate Distinguished Mentor Award.
Eligibility criteria for submitting a nomination for UNMC Student Senate Distinguished Mentor Award:
  • Any nomination made by a student (nominator) who is currently enrolled or was enrolled, as a student in UNMC at the time of making a nomination shall be considered eligible for the purpose of this award.
  • Each nominator (student) is required to submit a letter of support describing the nominee (mentor).
  • Each nominator can solicit up to two additional letters of support for his/her nominee. Students currently affiliated with UNMC are eligible to write a letter of support.
Deadline for submitting nominations for the award:
  • The UNMC Student Senate will accept nominations for the Distinguished Mentor Award on a rolling basis throughout the year.
  • The deadline for submitting all required application materials: February 15th, 2015 at 11:59 p.m.
  • Individuals nominated in the past years need to be nominated again in order to be considered for the award presented the following year.
Suggested guidelines for writing the letter of support:
  • The nominator's narrative and letter of support should not exceed two pages.
  • All letters of support should reflect upon the following qualities of the mentor:
    • Serves as a role model to you and other students.
    • Maintains high professional and ethical standards within his or her discipline and encourages his or her students to strive for the same.
    • Shares a good rapport with you and other students both inside and outside a classroom setting.
    • Promotes and helps the students learn by networking with other students, clients, and colleagues.
    • Is approachable and shares his or her valuable time to meet with students.
    • Helps you identify your goals and encourages you to work towards them.
    • Works with you and other students to overcome problems.
    • Takes keen interest in your development and progress as a student and a professional.
    • Lends informed advice to you in areas such as academics, research, or post-graduation career choices and overall development of the student.
  • Citing specific anecdotes, which reflect upon the afore-mentioned attributes of the nominee is highly encouraged.