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The Geriatric Leadership Academy site will be closing.

The Geriatric Leadership Academy site will be closing. However, there is good news to be shared with you!!

The Geriatric Leadership Academy has partnered with the National Gerontological Nurses Association (NGNA) to form a Long Term Care Special Interest Group. This group will continue to work towards providing education and opportunities for nurses in long term care.

As members of the Geriatric Leadership Academy you are invited to join NGNA at special rate for new members! $70 for a one year membership. This includes the Geriatric Nursing journal and all the member benefits of NGNA.

If you join before December 10, 2011, the Robert Wood Johnson PIN Midwest Geriatric Quality Improvement grant will pay $35 toward your new member fee! Just mail your application and $35 to Beth Culross, 985330 Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE 68198-5330 and your membership information will be sent to you from NGNA.

For information on membership and the Long Term Care Special Interest group go to

In addition, we are partnering with the local NGNA chapter, Heartland Gerontic, to continue to offer education and networking here in Nebraska! You can join the local chapter for $5 for the remainder of 2011. use this link to find out more about the local chapter!

Thank you all for your support of this project and of your Gerontological Nursing Practice! For all the residents you serve and all that you do as Long Term Care nurse specialists! Hope to see you at either the local or national level with NGNA and growing in your certification and practice.

You may continue to use this site until February, 2012. However, after that time, this site will no longer be active.

Corrected web links

Two previous announcements had mistaken links: "The Leadership Academy joins the National Gerontological Nurses Association", the correct link is "NGNA Annual Convention", the correct link is

NGNA Annual Convention

October 13-16 Louisville, KY Our members receive a $40 discount on full convention registration! Come learn more about the Long Term Care Special Interest Group!

Course Archives

Remember course archives are still available to review for your exam if you have taken it yet!

The Leadership Academy joins the National Gerontological Nurses Association

The Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy for Long-Term Care will become the Long-Term Care Special Interest group as part of the National Gerontological Nurses Association. Membership for the first year is $70 (a $25 discount). In addition, the PIN Midwest Geriatric Nursing Quality Improvement Project will pay $35 towards your membership! Follow this link for more information on NGNA -

Save the Date! September 14, 2011

Nebraska Health Care Association Annual Meeting 9:30-11:30 Continuing Education Session with Dr. Claudia Beverly, Networking and Informational session.

Still studying for your exam?

Remember to come back to for archives of the course to help with your studies.

National Certified Nurses Day

Did you know that March 19, 2011 is National Certified Nurses Day?

Congratulations and thanks to all of you have certified through the PIN Midwest Geriatric Nursing Quality Improvement project! Your dedication to your profession and your residents is greatly appreciated.

For more information check out

Save the Date!

The Leadership Academy will be having a networking meeting at the April NeHCA convention in Kearney! Please join us from 7:45-8:45am on April 14 to network with your colleagues and learn more about the future of the Geriatric Leadership Academy.

Be sure to attend the Keynote address immediately after when all the latest graduates of the Gerontological Nurse and Nurse Executive courses are recognized.

On-Line course news

The last two classes for the Nurse Executive and Gerontological Nurse courses are nearing completion. These will be the last offerings prior to the end of the grant. If you or your co-workers are still interested in these courses, please let Beth Culross know ( Your name will be put on a list to inform you when the course will be offered again and how to participate.

Congratulations and welcome to the new Leadership Academy Board!

In December, the Leadership Academy Board made up of representatives from the PIN Midwest Geriatric Quality Improvement grant and representatives from our long term care funding partners elected the board members that will serve for upcoming two years.

This board will help to move the Leadership Academy forward after the grant period ends in August of 2011. Plans are being made for the upcoming NeHCA conventions this year.

President: Shari Terry, RN-BC, Vetter Health Services Vice President: Kristin Harris, RN-BC, Nye Senior Services Secretary/Treasurer: Nancy Holmgren, RN-BC, Tabitha Healthcare Services Member: Sally Sims, RN-BC, Golden Living Member: Melody Gagner, RN, St. Jane de Chantal Long Term Care (Madonna)

Please consider becoming involved in your Leadership Academy!

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The page for links to various resources has been renamed and reorganized. It now appears on the menu at the main page and the header menu as "Resources". This section of the site has been organized into 4 sections: 1. Committees and Officers (in development) 2. Gerontological Nursing Quarterly: a periodic publication of UNMC College of Nursing covering Gerontological projects 3. Professional Education and Journal Articles 4. Websites and Resources

This section will be updated frequently, and additional sections will be added as more resources become available.

2011 Methodist Nursing Research Day: Call for Abstracts

Nebraska Methodist Hospital, Nebraska Methodist College, Jennie Edmundson Memorial Hospital and Tau Tau Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International are proud to sponsor Methodist Nursing Research Day on Wednesday, April 13, 2011 at DC Centre, 11830 Stonegate Drive, Omaha, NE. This year's theme is "Integrating Evidence Into Our Every Day Practice". Dr. Joyce Black, PhD, RN, CWCN, CPSN will be our keynote speaker for the event. Her presentation will focus on how nurses in every area of practice can and do have a role in research and evidence-based practice.

Click the announcement title for more information.

Midwest Partners Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy Awards selection committees named

Thank you for your nominations. The selection committees for the Outstanding Gerontological Clinical Nurse and Outstanding Nurse Executive Awards have been named. Please visit the Midwest Partners Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy Awards page (click on headline) for more information.

Midwest Partners Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy Awards nominations, UPDATED

The nominations deadline and information has been updated. Now the deadline is September 3, 2010. Please follow the link by clicking the title of this item for more information.

Midwest Partners Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy Awards

The Leadership Academy is opening up nominations for two awards for Excellence in Gerontological Nursing. The first recognizes Nurse Executives and the second recognizes Outstanding Leaders. Please follow the link to this page for more information. The deadline for nominations is August 27.

NICHE Collaborative: Pyramid to Excellence in Gerontological Nursing, UPDATE

The site for this event has moved to

Also added to this event, the Heartland Gerontic Chapter is sponsoring a "Dinner and Conversations with Eleanor McConnell" at the Upstream at 171 West Center in Omaha on August 11, 2010 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm. If you have questions, please contact Debra Welk by email at or by calling 402-829-2905.

Nurse Executive Update

Welcome to participants in Nurse Executive course to the Leadership Academy.

NICHE Collaborative: Pyramid to Excellence in Gerontological Nursing

This event takes place August 12, 2010, at the Nebraska Methodist College- The Josie Harper Campus. The keynote speaker is Eleanor S. McConnell, PhD, MSN, RN, Director of the Gerontological Nursing Specialty at Duke University and a Senior Fellow at the Duke Center for the Study of Aging and Human Development.

This program will focus on the critical role collaboration between disciplines and across the continuum of care plays in promoting positive outcomes. Gerontological nursing research and evidence-based practice interventions will be presented. The conference will provide participants with the opportunity to engage in critical thinking and collaborative relationships with peers to enhance patient care.

For more information, or to register, please visit, or click the headline.

Gerontological Course Materials for Review

For those who have taken the PIN Gerontological Nurse Certification Exam Preparation Course, materials from that course are available under the Archive page in the Community section. You may use these to review for the ANCC certification exam.

Note: only those who have taken the course will be able to view this section. To get there, please log into the site, either at the top of this page, or at the Community page. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at, or at 402-559-5914 during office hours.

Welcome to the Leadership Academy Website

The PIN Geriatric Nurse Leadership Academy for Long-Term Care is proud to offer its website, home to what we hope will be a lively community for the advancement of gerontological nursing leadership. In the coming weeks, we will be introducing additional features and content as we prepare to issue the first round of invitations to join the Leadership Academy. Please feel free to look around and visit often.

Thanks much,

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