It is helpful for us to know the medical history of our patients before scheduling an appointment. Please complete this questionnaire.

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* Patient Name: * Date of Birth: Ethnicity:

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* Name: * Relationship to Patient:

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* Primary Physician: Phone: ( ) -

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* Main Reason For Visit:


Mark any of the following symptoms or findings that the patient has now or has had in the past:

Joint Hypermobility (joints are highly flexible) Aneurysm or dissection
Joint pain/arthritis Low Blood Pressure
Joint dislocation or subluxation Frequent dizzines, fainting, or near fainting
Retinal or lens detachment Frequent nosebleeds
Scoliosis Depression
Chronic Migraines Anxiety
Chronic Fatigue Hearing Loss
Abnormal scarring or spontaneous skin tearing Cancer/non-cancerous tumors
Easy Bruising Chronic Bowel Issues
Chiari Malformation
Fragile teeth/frequent cavities/crowded teeth/discolored teeth
Surgeries, please describe:
Birth Marks, Skin Changes, Please Describe:
Other Health Concerns:

Imaging Studies (check if previously done):

MRI/CT    Echocardiogram    EEG    X-rays    Abdominal Ultrasound   

If you checked any of the above, please explain any abnormal findings:

Current Medications:

* Previous Genetic Testing? Yes No   (If yes, please specify test and results.)

* Have any family members had genetic testing? Yes No   (If yes, please specify test and results.)

* Does the patient receive special services (i.e. speech or physical therapy, counseling)?

Yes No     (If yes, please specify)

Are there family members who have learning problems, behavioral issues, birth defects, mental illness, major health concerns, or any known genetic conditions?     (Please Explain)
Extended Relatives:

Are there family members with a history of aneurisms, dissections, spontaneous organ rupture, sudden cardiac death, or cardiomyopathy?     (Please explain and provide person's age at time of event.)
Extended Relatives:

Are there family members with a history of cancer?     (Please note the type of cancer and the person's age at diagnosis')
Extended Relatives:

* If you are a woman who has had children, were there problems during the pregnancy or delivery? Yes No   (If yes, please explain.)

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