It is helpful for us to know the medical history of our patients before scheduling an appointment. Please complete this questionnaire.

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* Patient Name: * Date of Birth: Ethnicity:

* Height: Feet   Inches     * Weight: * Phone: ( ) Email:

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* Name: * Relationship to Patient:

* Phone: ( ) - Email:

* Primary Physician: Phone: ( ) -

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* Referral Name: Phone: ( ) -

* Main Reason For Visit:


Birth Defects:

Other Health Problems:

Surgeries, please describe:

Issues with Hearing or Vision:

Imaging Studies (check if previously done):

MRI/CT    Echocardiogram    EEG    X-rays    Abdominal Ultrasound   

If you checked any of the above, please explain any abnormal findings:

Current Medications:

* Previous Genetic Testing? Yes No   (If yes, please specify test and results.)

Any Other Testing we should know about?

Child's Behavior and Development:

At what approximate age did the child meet these milestones?

* Hold Up Head: * Roll Over: *Sit/Walk:

*Say First Word: *Toilet Trained:

Has the child been diagnosed with any of the following?

Speech Delay    Developmental Delay    Learning Disability    Autism

* Does the child receive special services (i.e. special education, resource, speech or physical therapy, counseling)?

Yes No     (If yes, please specify)

* Are there concerns regarding intellect, growth, or development? Yes No   (If yes, please specify.)

* Are there concerns regarding behavior? Yes No   (If yes, please specify.)

Pregnancy And Birth History:   (only if the patient is a child)

* Were there complications? Yes No Unknown   (If yes, please specify.)

* Gestational Age: * Birth Length: *Birth Weight:

Problems in the newborn period:

* Age of mother at child's birth: * Age of father at child's birth:

Exposures During Pregnancy:

Alcohol    Tobacco    Marijuana    Cocaine    Crack    Methamphetamine

Maternal Issues (Diabetes, illness or high fever, surgery, etc.):


Family History:

Child's brothers and sisters (list genders and ages of half and/or full siblings)
Gender Age
Male    Female    Other

Are there learning problems, behavioral issues, birth defects, mental illness, or any known genetic conditions in the child's family'?     (Please Explain)
Extended Relatives:

Other Concerns?

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