As a future doctorally prepared nurse, check the box if this is something you see yourself doing in the future.   Yes     No  
Do you want to:    
  1.   Improve the quality and safety of the health care system?
  2.   Apply information from theory, research methods, and data analysis to the discovery of knowledge in nursing and healthcare?
  3.   Write program grants and publish evaluation studies?
  4.   Write research grants and publish research based studies?
  5.   Focus on patient safety and want to do something about it in practice?
  6.   Conduct research focused on the design and testing of interventions to advance nursing and health care?
  7.   Improve clinical practices in different levels of the health delivery system?
  8.   Be prepared for a career in academia or other research-intensive environments?
  9.   Be a leader such as an advanced practice nurse caring for individuals or other practice leadership positions in nursing such as health care administration?
  10.   Become a nurse scientist?
  11.   Design and evaluate clinical programs designed to improve patient outcomes?
  12.   Collaborate with interdisciplinary colleagues to build team research science?
  13.   Gain knowledge and skills in applying and translating research into practice?
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