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Deka P, Pozehl B, Norman J, & Khazanchi D. (In Press). Feasibility of using the Fitbit Charge HR in validating self-reported exercise diaries in a community setting in patients with heart failure. European Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Hageman PA, Pullen CH, Hertzog M, Pozehl B, Eisenhauer C, Boeckner LS. (In Press). Web-Based Interventions Alone or Supplemented with Peer-Led Support or Professional Email Counseling for Weight Loss and Weight Maintenance in Women from Rural Communities: Results of a Clinical Trial. J Obes. 2017

Miller JN, Schulz P, Pozehl B, Fiedler D, Fial A, Berger AM. (In Press). Methodological strategies in using home sleep apnea testing in research and practice. Sleep Breath. 2017 Nov 14.

Mcguire R, Honaker J, Pozehl B, & Hertzog M. (In Press). The Effect of BASIC (Balance Activities and Strengthening to Improve Condition) Training on Balance and Falls in Heart Failure Patients: A Pilot Study. Rehabilitation Nursing.

Pozehl BJ, McGuire R, Duncan K, Hertzog M, Deka P, Norman J, Artinian NT, Saval MA, Keteyian SJ. (In Press). Accelerometer-measured Daily Activity Levels and Related Factors in Patients with Heart Failure. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing.

Yeh E, Pressler SJ, Giordani B, Pozehl B and Berger AM. (In Press). Integrative Review of the Relationship between Sleep Disturbances and Episodic Memory in Older Adults. Research in Biological Nursing.