Prior Publications

Lynne M. Buchanan, PhD, APRN-NP, BC
Assistant Professor

Publications 2000 and Prior 

*Buchanan, L., Voigtman, J., & Mills, H. (1997, February). Implementing the agency for health care policy and research pain management pediatric guideline in a multicultural practice setting. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, (11) 3, 23-35.

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*Buchanan, L. (1994). Therapeutic nursing intervention knowledge development and outcome measures for advanced practice. Nursing & Health Care, (15) 4, 190-195.

*Buchanan, L., Cowan, M., Burr, R., Kogan, h., Waldron, C. (1993, March/April). Measurement of recovery to acute myocardial infarction using heart rate variability and cognitive-affective outcomes. Nursing Research, (42) 2, 74-78.

*Cowan, M., Nakagawa-Kogan, H., Burr, R., Hendershot, S., & Buchanan, L. (1990). Power spectral analysis of heart rate variability after biofeedback training. Journal of Electrocardiology, (23)(Supplement), 85-94.

*Buchanan, L., & Baun, M. (1986). The effects of hyperinflation, inspiratory hold, and oxygenation on cardiopulmonary status. Heart & Lung, (15) 2, 127-134.

Book Chapters

Buchanan, L. (1992). Health Care Research Development, a System in Transition. The Anniversary Book, A History of Nursing in the West 1956-1992 (p. 211). Western Institute of Nursing, Colorado Springs, CO.

Mitchell, P., Buchanan, L. (1989). Physiologic adaptations during psychoemotional stress. In S. Woods, S. Underhill, R. Sivarajan, & J. Halpenny (Eds.), Cardiac Nursing, Second Edition, 165-169.