Prior Publications

Myra Schmaderer, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor

Publications 2000 and Prior

Schmaderer, M., (1994, May). Factors predicting length of stay in the coronary artery bypass graft patient. Master's thesis, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Omaha, NE.

Zimmerman, L., Nieveen, J., Barnason, S., & Schmaderer, M. (1996). The effects of music interventions on postoperative pain and sleep in coronary bypass graft patient. Scholarly Inquiry for Nursing Practice, 10(2), 153-170.

Nelson, F.V., Zimmerman, L., Barnason, S., Nieveen, J., & Schmaderer, M. (1998). The relationship and influence of anxiety on postoperative pain in the coronary artery bypass graft patient. Journal of Pain & Symptom Management, 15(2), 102-9.