Faculty/Staff Profile

Suhasini Kotcherlakota, Ph.D
Assistant Professor

Contact Information
University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC)
College of Nursing - Omaha Division
985330 Nebraska Medical Center
Omaha, NE 68198-5330
tel:(402) 559-6375
fax:(402) 559-6379

Dr. Kotcherlakota is an assistant professor at UNMC College of Nursing. She received her Master of Education in Instructional Technology from University of Nebraska, Kearney and Doctoral degree in Instructional Technology from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Botany and Zoology and Master of Sciences degree in Environmental Sciences, both from Andhra University, India.


  • Currently assists in designing, coordinating and/or teaching the College of Nursing's Nurse Educator Track courses
    • NRSG 858: Designing and Evaluating Learner-Centered Curricula
    • NRSG 859: Teaching and Learning Strategies
    • NRSG 860: Using Technology to Enhance Teaching and Learning Strategies
    • NRSG 861: Implementation of the Educator Role: Practicum
  • Dr. Kotcherlakota is responsible for providing leadership and faculty development activities for the College's successful integration of teaching and learning technologies into the curriculum and instruction.


  • Her research area of interest focuses on researching and integrating the cognitive science theory findings to classroom practices in education and nursing education curriculum. She is also interested in researching and integrating innovative technology use methods and adopt the best practices that will promote students to be technically competent and utilize technology tools in their practice, teaching and learning.
  • Serves as a contributor to the College of Nursing's strategic plan in the areas of
    • Innovative teaching practices, technology uses and integration in learner-centered educational curriculum
    • Cultural competence to enchance the practices of educational communication and experience among diverse populations.
  • She received the 2011 Dean's Education Grant: To Build and Evaluate a Virtual Learning Environment

Professional Service/Recognition

  • Serves on doctoral advisory committees as well as students' dissertation committees