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Gamification Explanation

The HEROES website uses the principles of gamification to provide a more engaging experience while learning about emergency preparedness.

Create an Account

To take advantage of all the features offered on the heroes website you're going to need an account.

There are two types of accounts:

  • UNMC
    If you have a UNMC email account you can register that username and password to access HEROES.
  • Non-UNMC
    If you're not from UNMC, or don't want to use your UNMC email account, you can register using an alternate email account.

If you're ready you can now.

Otherwise, read on to learn more.

Watch Videos

You should start your journey by visiting the Learning Center and watching some videos.

Videos are available in a variety of emergency preparedness topics including Biological and Chemical threats, Hospital Decontamination, PPE and Mass Casualty Incidents.

By default our videos are linked from YouTube, however, if your access to YouTube is limited, other viewing options are available, including via the UNMC media server.

Take Quizzes

Once you've watched a video and feel you have a good grasp of the material presented, the next step is to take the quiz we've developed.

Quizzes help you get a feel for your understanding of a subject

Passing a quiz has benefits. See the sections on Unlocking Badges and Earning Points for more.

Play ILMs

Interactive Learning Modules (ILMs) provide a way for you to explore a new subject or practice the material you have learned in a video

ILMs are scored as you play them. Play ILMs as often as you want - try to get the top score!

Unlocking Badges

When you sucessfully complete an ILM or get a passing grade on a video quiz you will unlock badges that demonstrate you have achieved a level of competency in that subject.

Earning Points

Each badge has a certain number of points associated with it.

When you successfully unlock a badge you will also receive the points.

Easier badges have fewer points, harder badges receive more points.

Level Up

Everyone starts out their journey with HEROES at Level 1

When you have earned enough points you'll advance to the next level