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PPE for Ebola Patient Care

HEROES is pleased to announce that four new interactive modules covering High Level and PAPR Level PPE for Ebola Patient Care have been released on our website. These modules compliment the video modules on PPE for Ebola Patient Care that are already available. As with the videos, the interactive modules have been developed in collaboration with The Nebraska Biocontainment Unit.

PAPR Level - Donning PAPR Level - Doffing
High Level - Donning High Level - Doffing

Module Overview

Donning and Doffing High Level and PAPR Level PPE for Ebola Patient Care are complicated processes that involve many steps. In order to make learning and understanding these steps easier, we have broken each process into separate sections. The number of sections varies between modules, depending on the number of steps required to complete the task. Once you have completed all of the sections within a module you will unlock the debriefing screen(s) where we provide supplemental information.

If you are logged into your HEROES account when you complete all of the sections, you will unlock the corresponding achievement badge, and the points for that module will be added to your current HEROES points total.

Each section within a module is divided into a series of steps. For each step you have three options. Your task is to drag the correct option for that step to the green "Drop Zone" at the foot of the screen. Get it right first time for 10 points, 5 points for a second attempt and 0 points after that.

If you are logged into your HEROES account, after you have worked through a section, that score will be saved to your account. If you sucessfully finish the section, it will be marked as complete. This means you won't need to play that section again as you work towards unlocking the debriefing screen(s) and achievement badge - even if you have to close the module and come back to it at a later time.

So, make sure you're logged into your HEROES account when playing the modules - if you don't have the time to play all sections at once, you can save your scores and fully complete the sections in each module over a period of time convenient to your schedule.


Patient Immobilization

Two new videos are now available on the subject of Patient Immobilization. These have been added to a new section on Emergency Response for which additional modules are being developed.

Cervical Collar Placement - Seated Patient Cervical Collar Placement - Supine Patient

Video Downloads

Over the years we've received many requests from organizations around the world, asking if they could obtain a copy of one (or more) of our videos to include in their own learning management system (LMS). While we're happy to provide access to the videos, it would usually require setting up an individual webpage containing the links to the videos for each request.

To speed this process along, we have added a link (highlighted in green in the image below) to the Media Options section of each video. This will allow you to request the video and then download the file immediately.

All we ask for in return is your name, your email and the name of the organization that will be using the video. In the future, if we update or remove the video, this will allow us contact you so you can download the newest version, or remove the old version should the content become obsolete.

If you have any questions about the download process, please contact us.

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