215 medical center physicians recognized among Best Doctors in America

Omaha, Neb. – A total of 215 physicians who practice at The Nebraska Medical Center have been recognized on this year’s list ofBest Doctors in America®. The doctors include private practice physicians as well as full and part-time faculty at the University of Nebraska Medical Center who are also affiliated with UNMC Physicians, the UNMC faculty physician group.

The list of physicians was excerpted from the Best Doctors in America® 2011-2012 database of more than 45,000 doctors in the United States. 
Physicians are selected on the basis of the question, “If you or a loved one needed a doctor in your specialty, to whom would you refer them?” A peer-review survey by thousands of doctors determines the doctors included in the database. Only those doctors who earn the consensus support of their peers are included and only physicians in the Best Doctors database are allowed to receive the survey, nominate others and vote.
Best Doctors in America® was founded in 1989 by two physicians affiliated with Harvard Medical School and is today a leading resource to those seeking medical advice and information.
The Nebraska Medical Center physicians and their specialty featured in the 2011-2012 database are identified below.
        Joseph  Anderson                                Radiology
           Dean Antonson                                     Pediatric Specialist
           Kimberly Apker                                     Radiology
           Chandrakanth Are                                Surgical Oncology
           James Armitage                                   Medical Oncology and Hematology
           Kenneth Azarow                                   Pediatric Specialist
        Greg Babbe                                            Family Medicine
           Claire Baker                                          Endocrinology and Metabolism
           Teri Jo Barkoukis                                Sleep Medicine
           Teresa Berg                                          Obstetrics and Gynecology
        John Bertoni                                          Neurology
           Joel Bessmer                                       Internal Medicine
           Philip Bierman                                     Medical Oncology and Hematology
           Garnet Blatchford                               Colon and Rectal Surgery
           Jean Botha                                           Surgery
        Susan Boust                                        Psychiatry
           Julia Bridge                                          Pathology & Medical Genetics
           David Brown                                        Orthopaedic Surgery
           Bruce Buehler                                    Medical Genetics
           William Burke                                     Psychiatry
           James Canedy                                   Orthopaedic Surgery
           Wing (John) Chan                             Pathology
           Peter Coccia                                      Pediatric Specialist
           Robert Cochran                                 Orthopaedic Surgery & Hand Surgery
           Samuel (Sam) Cohen                      Pathology
           John Colombo                                    Pediatric Specialist
           James Commers                               Medical Oncology and Hematology
           Kevin Corley                                        Pediatric Specialist
           Kenneth Cowan                                  Medical Oncology and Hematology
        Robert Cusick                                     Pediatric Specialist
           David Danford                                      Pediatric Specialist
           Jeffrey Delaney                                   Pediatric Specialist
           Cyrus DeSouza                                  Endocrinology and Metabolism
        Andjela Drincic                                    Endocrinology and Metabolism
           Kim Duncan                                         Pediatric Specialist
           Arthur Easley                                      Cardiovascular Disease
           Catherine Eberle                                Geriatric Medicine
           Ann Louise Edmunds                       Otolaryngology
           James Edney                                      Surgical Oncology
           John Edney                                          General Surgery/Plastic Surgery
           Charles Enke                                       Radiation Oncology
           Alan Erickson                                      Rheumatology
           Christopher Erickson                         Pediatric Specialist
           Paul Esposito                                      Pediatric Specialist
           Pierre Fayad                                        Neurology
           Edward Fehringer                               Orthopaedic Surgery
           David Finken                                        Pediatrics
           Mark Fleisher                                      Psychiatry
        Scott Fletcher                            Pediatric Cardiology
           Kenneth Follett                                   Neurological Surgery
           Alison Freifeld                                     Infectious Disease
        David Gannon                                      Critical Care Medicine
           Kevin Garvin                                         Orthopaedic Surgery
           James Gigantelli                                Ophthalmology
           Mark Goebel                                       Orthopaedic Surgery
           Dennis Goeschel                               Family Medicine
           Whitney Goldner                                Endocrinology and Metabolism
           John Gollan                                          Hepatology and Gastroenterology
           Bruce Gordon                                      Pediatric Specialist
        Kathleen Grant                                    Addiction Medicine
           George Greene                                   Neurological Surgery
           Timothy Greiner                                  Pathology
           Carl Gumbiner                                     Pediatric Specialist
           Daniel Halm                                         Geriatric & Family Medicine
        James Hammel                                   Thoracic Surgery
           Jeffrey Harrison                                   Family Medicine
        Brian Hasley                                        Pediatric Specialist
           Kristie Hayes                                      Dermatology
           Leslie Hellbusch                                Pediatric Specialist
           Steven Hinrichs                                  Pathology
           Ronald Hollins                                    Plastic Surgery
           T. J. Holmes                                       Internal Medicine
        Russell Hopp                                      Allergy and Immunology
           Richard Hranac                                  Internal Medicine
           Grant Hutchins                                   Gastroenterology
           Kirk Hutton                                          Orthopaedic Surgery
           Thomas Imray                                     Radiology
           Kimberly Jarzynka                             Family Medicine
           Sonny Johansson                              Pathology
           Perry Johnson                                     Plastic Surgery
           Andre Kalil                                            Infectious Disease
           Brenda Keller                                       Geriatric Medicine
           Margaret Anne Kessinger                Medical Oncology and Hematology
           Brett Kettelhut                                     Allergy and Immunology
           Timothy Kingston                               Surgery
           Lynell Klassen                                     Rheumatology
        Sarah Konigsberg                                Endocrinology and Metabolism
           Christopher Kratochvil                        Pediatric Specialist
           Jillyn Kratochvil                                    Pediatrics
           Kari Krenzer                                          Pediatrics
           John Kugler                                           Pediatric Specialist
           Rudy Lackner                                       Thoracic Surgery
           Alan Langnas                                        Surgery
           Jennifer Larsen                                      Endocrinology and Metabolism
           Paul Larsen                                            Pediatric Specialist
           Audrey Lazenby                                    Pathology
           Lonny Joe Legino                                  Obstetrics and Gynecology
           Peter Lennarson                                     Neurological Surgery
           Donald Leopold                                      Otolaryngology
           Gary Lerner                                             Pediatrics
        Douglas Long                                         Neurological Surgery
           Rodney Lusk                                         Otolaryngology & Pediatric Specialist
           Richard Lutz                                          Pediatric Specialist
           Daniel Lydiatt                                        Otolaryngology
           William Lydiatt                                      Otolaryngology
        Thomas Lynch                                      Vascular Surgery
           William Lyons                                       Geriatric Medicine
           Lynn Mack                                             Endocrinology and Metabolism
           Thomas Magnuson                              Psychiatry
           Mark Mailliard                                       Hepatology & Gastroenterology
           Timothy Malloy                                     Geriatric Medicine
           Monty Mathews                                     Family Medicine
           Timothy McCashland                           Hepatology
           Rodney McComb                                   Pathology
           Paul Meissner                                        Family Medicine
           Mary Jane Fitzgibbons Mikuls          Pediatrics
        Ted Mikuls                                              Rheumatology
        Oleg Militsakh                                       Otolaryngology
           Jason Miller                                           Plastic Surgery
           John Moore                                           Pediatrics
           Timothy Moore                                     Radiology
           Matthew Mormino                               Orthopaedic Surgery
           Gordon Moshman                               Family Medicine
           Debra Mostek                                      Family Medicine
           Robert Muelleman                              Emergency Medicine
           Sandeep Mukherjee                           Hepatology
           Daniel Murman                                     Neurology
           Kevin Murphy                                        Allergy and Immunology
           Peter Murphy                                        Pulmonary Medicine          
           Amy Neumeister                                  Endocrinology and Metabolism
           J. Scott Neumeister                &n


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