Faculty members share UNMC memories

Image with caption: Stanley Cox, Ph.D.
Stanley Cox, Ph.D.
Five faculty members, celebrating service milestones of 40 and 30 years, will be recognized during the annual faculty meeting at 4 p.m. April 25 in the Durham Research Center Auditorium.

Below, two of the honorees share memorable moments:

Stanley Cox, Ph.D.

Stanley Cox, Ph.D., associate professor, biochemistry and molecular biology, said his most memorable experiences would be from associations he had over his 30 years with students in the classroom and research laboratory.

First place goes to the times he and his students gloried in discovery.

"We would pace the floor, waiting for the film developer to spit out an autoradiogram, or the scintillation counter to analyze the most critical samples, to see if our experiment supported our hypothesis.

"If it did, we relished in the all-too-short-lived euphoria of discovery, of knowing that we were the only two people on Earth who knew what we knew, and later bathed in the satisfaction of releasing that information to others by way of publication. What made it all so cool was that we could share in the excitement, the anticipation, of knowing that the process would inevitably commence anew."

picture disc.
Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D.

Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D.

Also being honored is Jeffrey Baldwin, Pharm.D., professor of pharmacy practice, UNMC College of Pharmacy, who has been at the university for 40 years.

Below Dr. Baldwin shares a memory from his time at UNMC:

"There are two equally significant events that have formed the foundation of my tenure at UNMC.

"The first was the approval and implementation in the mid-70s of the Doctor of Pharmacy degree as the sole entry-level degree for the College of Pharmacy. We were the first such program outside of California and were considered quite radical at that point. History has proven us correct; all pharmacist education in the U.S. now requires the Pharm.D. degree.

"The second event was the proposed closure of the College of Pharmacy during a budget crisis in 1985. Pharmacy faculty and the public rose almost as a singular voice in expressing support for the College and its ongoing provision of educating the majority of pharmacists who safeguard the health of Nebraskans.

"The proposal was rejected, and the college has continued its vital mission of educating practitioners and scientists who discover innovative pharmaceuticals and provide patient care."

Thursday: Memories from James Turpen, Ph.D., John Walburn, M.D., and Dennis Feely, Ph.D.


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