Security advisory - Larceny reports on the rise

The Department of Campus Security has received numerous larceny reports from across campus over the past few weeks. The holiday season typically brings an increased level of this type of activity.

Individuals have reported the loss of personal property, including purses, wallets, currency, credit cards, jewelry, cellular phones, and stereos from their work areas and/or personal vehicles.

How to protect departmental and personal property

The majority of the larcenies reported to security may have been prevented by taking the following measures:

Departmental Property

  • Never assume departmental property is totally secure behind a locked door. Store valuable equipment and funds that are easily accessible or easy to carry out (cameras, lap top computers, change funds, etc.) in locked desks, file cabinets or storage cabinets. Keep the key to the storage area of choice on your person, or in a secured area that is only accessible by authorized personnel.
Personal property
  • Never bring large sums of money or expensive jewelry to work
  • Never leave personal belongings unattended, even for short periods of time
  • If you have a locker, use it, and use a good lock to secure your valuables
  • If you do not have a locker, secure your personal belongings in a locked desk drawer or file cabinet, even when you are not planning to leave your office or work area
  • Never leave personal items stored in the compartment of your vehicle. It only takes a thief seconds to "smash" a window and "grab" unprotected property.

Observance of suspicious persons or activities

  • Report suspicious persons (and/or)suspicious activities to security immediately
  • Give security the location and description of the individual(s) acting suspicious

Most crimes that occur are "Crimes of Opportunity," and can be prevented. Help security protect your departmental and personal property by following these suggestions. It is easier to prevent these types of crimes than it is to solve them.

Important contact numbers

  • Security Dispatch (559-5111) -- dial this number to report unauthorized persons, suspicious activities, report a crime, or general assistance.
  • UNMC Campus Security Business Office (559-4439) -- dial this number for more information.
  • Campus security Web site (info.unmc.edu/Security)
  • Campus Security posts Daily Security Summary Reports and other security and personal safety related information on the Intranet at htpp://info.unmc.edu/Security. Employees and students are encouraged to review the information on a routine basis and contact Campus Security with any questions or concerns.