Cycling to work? Team Kaos offers commuting tips

As gasoline prices continue to rise, the Team Kaos Cycling Club is helping people who are turning to bicycling for their commute to work or school. The club, which is sponsored by The Nebraska Medical Center, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and University Medical Associates, is providing tips on how to start commuting by bike on its Web site, teamkaoscycling.com.

Commuting by bicycle takes some planning and, in some cases, a few extra accessories. The information provided by Team Kaos includes how to select a bicycle (if you do not already have one), other accessories you might need, tips for safe riding and identifying routes which are best for bicycles and a link to the Omaha metropolitan area bike and hike trail map.

"Cycling instead of driving not only saves on gas, but it is also a tremendous way to gain fitness," said Marco Vasquez, Kaos team captain and a perfusionist at The Nebraska Medical Center. "The downside of bicycle commuting can be the weather and traffic conditions. The information we are providing will help riders deal with those obstacles a little better."

Team Kaos members and the staff of Bike Masters Cycling & Fitness at 129th & Fort are available to answer questions about bike commuting, riding as a fitness activity or the competitive aspect of the sport. Call Bike Masters at 964-1080 or contact Team Kaos by e-mail at info@teamkaoscycling.com.