Information Security Awareness Week features seminars for health-care community

To raise awareness of information technology security issues, Gov. Mike Johanns has proclaimed April 20-26 Information Security Awareness Week.

The spotlight on information security is in response to "a growing awareness of the dangers posed by cyber-terrorism, information warfare, and the criminal use of computer systems," Gov. Johanns said in the proclamation.

The week, he said, also will bring "continued public support and increased understanding of the essential role each individual plays in cyberspace." Local and national speakers will present workshops and keynote addresses throughout the week at the Omaha Holiday Inn Convention Center and the Scott Conference Center at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. The workshops will discuss hacking and privacy issues, as well as cyber crime awareness.

"As part of Omaha's annual Infotec conference and the Information Security Awareness Week several events and presentations are being offered in Omaha," said Dan Moser, Ph.D., associate director of Information Technology Services at UNMC and one of the organizers of the conference. "Of particular note to the health care community are town hall meetings and a three-day HIPAA (Heath Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) conference which will address issues of confidentiality and security of health-care information."

The following national speakers are expected to deliver keynote addresses:

  • Declan McCullagh, the Washington bureau chief of Wired News magazine;
  • Ed Pevler, president of Texas Engineering Solutions and electromagnetic warfare specialist; and
  • Dr. Sujeet Shenoi of the University of Tulsa, an Internet security specialist.

More than 1,600 seminar seats were filled at last year's conference and more than 3,000 people attended the Infotec exhibition.

To sign up for the conference and the various events go to www.infotec.org. To learn more about Information Security Awareness Week, and the security events in particular, go to www.isaw.org.