Traumatic Lesions
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19. Traumatic Laryngitis

Patient History: This is a 26 year old patient who has a history of hoarseness. It occurred suddenly. She is a non-professional singer but has been appearing in various theaters and after singing one day became extremely hoarse.

Physical Findings: On the right cord the medial surface anterior one-half of the cord there is hemorrhagic area. This is increased bleeding in that area.

Comments: Laryngeal trauma can occur because the patient is forcing the voice, coughing or having external pressures and traumatic injuries.

20. Ectasia and Varices

Patient History: This is a 65 year old gentleman who had a history of squamous cell carcinoma of the left true vocal cord five years ago and had radiation therapy. He is still having some dryness in his throat and very minimal hoarseness.

Patient History: This is a 42 year old female who has been straining her voice a lot. After attending a sporting event she noticed that the hoarseness had increased. She was also complaining of some pain over her neck.

Physical Findings: There is an increasing dilatation of the vessels in the true vocal cords. This can be seen as increased erythema in the true cords. On the second photograph there is a small hematoma that is noted on the medial surface in the mid- portion of the right cord.

Comments: These are dilatations of the capillaries in the true vocal cords. They occur because of stress on the vocal cords. Surgery is indicated for very large varices.

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