Diabetes Mellitus


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Physical Exam
Laboratory Tests
Drug Therapy


1. The 1st choice of anti-hypertensive medication for a diabetic patient is:

A. B-blocker
B. Ace inhibitor
C. Calcium channel blocker
D. Diuretic

2. If an individual with a family history of diabetes wanted to minimize their risk for future diabetes, what BMI goal would you recommend?

A. <17 kg/m2
B. <25 kg/m2
C. <30 kg/m2
D. <40 kg/m2

3. Target blood pressure for most patients with diabetes is:

A. Below 120/80
B. Below 130/80
C. Below 130/90
D. Below 140/90

4. Insulin injection sites should be inspected at each visit for:

A. Lipodystrophy
B. Bleeding
C. Rashes
D. Bruising

5. A goal for blood glucose before eating breakfast is:

A. 100
B. 130
C. 170
D. 200
E. 225

6. Minimum hemoglobin A1c goal for patients with type 2 diabetes to prevent diabetes complications is:

A. <7%
B. <8%
C. <9%
D. <10%

7. A diabetes patient should have his feet examined:

A. At every visit
B. Yearly
C. Twice a year
D. Four times a year

8. An oral medication to treat type 2 diabetes that does not cause weight gain is:

A. Glyburide (Micronase, Glynase, and DiaBeta)
B. Metformin (Glucophage)
C. Pioglitazone (Actos)
D. Repaglinide (Prandin)

9. The minimum LDL goal for a person with diabetes is:

A. Below 50
B. Below 100
C. Below 130
D. Below 160

10. What is the best treatment option for a non-pregnant 50 year-old female woman with diabetes with the following lipid profile? LDL 160, HDL 58, Triglycerides 130?

A. Diet and exercise for 3 months
B. Niacin
C. Tight glycemic control
D. Statin

11. A patient who wants to quit smoking within the next 30 days is in which stage of smoking cessation?

A. Pre-contemplation
B. Contemplation
C. Preparation
D. Action

12. A type 2 patient with diabetes should have a dilated eye exam:

A. Within 3-5 years of diagnosis and annually thereafter
B. At time of diagnosis of diabetes and annually thereafter
C. At time of diagnosis and twice a year thereafter
D. After age 25, then annually thereafter

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