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Case Study 2

Now that you've successfully diagnosed Mrs Kozuka and have her treatment plan documented, perhaps you'd like to take a short trip to Mexico. If you're so inclined there's a wonderful web address which will provide you with several options. The option for "Arte" is neat! Don't get lost because you'll need to return to your office to meet your next client.

Carmelita Gomez is a 17 year old primigravida who has come to the prenatal clinic for the first time because she is spotting. She is 22 weeks pregnant with an unplanned pregnancy. The baby's father is not involved but Carmelita's mother and grandmother are supportive. You try to elicit a history but must use an interpreter since you speak only English. Carmelita was involved in an automobile accident one week ago. At the time there were no apparent injuries and Carmelita refused to be taken to the emergency department. When Carmelita began to spot 5 days ago, her mother made some herbal tea. Carmelita has no insurance. She has strong faith that God will control the destiny of this pregnancy. Carmelita is quiet and modest; she is hesitant to be examined.

  1. Review the case study and Section 2. Which of the above pieces of data are considered typical (more common) in the Hispanic culture?
  2. Provide one example (each) of a specific question you will ask Carmelita Gomez in assessing the cultural aspects listed below. Please make your questions unique to this case study, avoiding repetition from Case Study 1 and Case Study 3.
    1. Health beliefs/practices,
    2. Dietary considerations,
    3. Family aspects/roles,
    4. Language/communication, and
    5. Religion/rituals.
  3. How will you encourage and assure Carmelita about the necessity for an examination?
  4. Through your thorough assessment you discover that Carmelita has not been taking vitamins of any type. What will you do to encourage her to take prenatal vitamins (with iron)?

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