General Information: Introduction | Format/Directions | Assessment
Sections: Asian Culture | Hispanic Culture | Native American Culture | Shiite Muslim Culture| Russian Culture| Zambian Culture
Activities: Asian Case Study | Hispanic Case Study | Native American Case Study | Muslim, Russian & Zambian Case Study

Points to Ponder

Now that you have viewed one of the video clips please consider the questions below and share your thoughts.  You may do this by accessing the Discussion Groups under the Communication Section of the main menu in BlackBoard.

  1. Which  video clip did you view?

  2. Given the information shared on the video clip you viewed, (a) describe the general approach you might use to elicit cultural practices affecting the health care of women from this culture  (b) describe the approach you would use to obtain a general health history, and (c) provide at least 3 examples of verbatim questions you would ask in obtaining the history. 

  3. A woman from this culture seeks health care for a gynecological problem.  What cultural aspects might the NP consider when eliciting a history, assessing, and providing treatment for this problem?  If no specifics were offered in the video clip, extrapolate from the general cultural aspects on the video, and share your ideas about approaches you would consider.