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Caring for Remains

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BioSeal Portable Kit - Equipment Overview

BioSeal Portable Kit - Equipment Overview

- Published: 08/20/2020 | Duration: 06:45

In this video we review the components of the BioSeal System 5 Portable System.

The BioSeal Portable System provides the equipment needed to safely contain human remains in a bio-safety level 4 containment body bag.

The portable system has its own power supply and is appropriate for use in hospitals, by law enforcement and by disaster response teams.

Please follow your organizational policies and procedures when using this system.

Body Sealer Basics

Body Sealer Basics

- Published: 07/24/2012 | Duration: 06:47

Introduction to the use of Body Sealer equipment used in the containment of bio-hazardous remains.

This video was produced in collaboration with the Nebraska Biocontainment Unit at The Nebraska Medical Center (nebraskamed.com) and describes procedures used within that facility. You may need to change your use of the Body Sealer depending on the needs of your organization.

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