UNMC HEROES: Mobile Simulation Unit - SimMan

"I don't know about you, but there's nothing I like more than being laid flat out, pulse racing, hooked up to the latest healthcare technology in a trauma bay. It's what I live for! Wanna bring me through it? Well, I have a multivenous arm for IV placement and drug administration. You can check my carotid, radial, femoral and brachial pulses and hook me up to your monitors and defibrillators and shock, pace and cardiovert me. I can be needle decompressed, have a chest tube placed, and you can perform cricothyrotomy. I can also swell my tongue and have other airway complications. And if you need the space for a real emergency I can be disconnected and out of your way in less than a minute. I'm the perfect human patient simulator for your organization's training needs."

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